Homeowner Appraisal Services

There are a variety of reasons why a homeowner may need an appraisal. Three of the main reasons are PMI Removal, Refinancing and Property Tax Protest.

Here at Connor Edwards, LLC, we specialize in providing high quality appraisals for each of the above. We are also dedicated to providing our customers with unmatched customer service. We will work hard to ensure that all of your appraisal needs are met quickly and comprehensively.

Interested in Removing PMI?

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) can add thousands of dollars to your annual mortgage cost! So are you paying PMI right now as part of your monthly mortgage payment? If your down payment was less than 20% when you purchased your home, the answer is probably “yes.”

In most cases, mortgage lenders will remove the PMI requirement when the loan is 80% or less of the home’s value. This can happen as a combination of regular loan repayments and appreciation of your home’s value in a rising market.

Contact your lender for their specific requirements. Lenders will not remove PMI unless you ask. Before they will remove PMI, most lenders require a full or “drive-by” appraisal (a drive-by appraisal would be less expensive for you).

Call your lender, find out if they require an appraisal and, if so, what type and then call us at 410-744-6868. We can help you reduce your total mortgage payments.

Considering Refinancing?

Are you looking to consolidate your debts or make improvements to your home?

Refinancing may be a way that you can take advantage of your home’s increasing value and today’s low mortgage rates to make your dreams come true.

Connor Edwards, LLC is certified for residential real estate appraisals in 10 counties in central Maryland. We work with local lenders, as well as “.com” lenders, and are also approved for FHA appraisals. Our reports are usually issued within 24 to 48 hours of the inspection, so you can get loan approval as quickly as possible.

We probably already work with your lender. Just have them call us at 410-744-6868 for prompt quality service.

Want to Protest Your Property Taxes?

Are you paying higher property taxes than your neighbors? Are your property taxes going up while the property taxes of everyone else around you are going down?

An independent appraisal from Connor Edwards, LLC can help you protest an unfair tax assessment. If you feel the assessed value of your property is too high, give us a call at 410-744-6868.

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