Home Seller Appraisal Services

If you are planning on selling your home, a professional appraisal is one of the best investments you can make. The appraisal will let you know how much your home is worth and will save you from losing money by undervaluing it or by setting the price too high and delaying or preventing its sale.

For Sale By Owner

If you plan on selling your house on your own, the easiest way to establish its value is to have a professional appraisal done.

At Connor Edwards, LLC, we will provide you with a complete analysis of the estimated value of your home. Factors such as condition, proximity to schools and services and overall neighborhood values all will be taken into account.

When it comes to determining the value of your home, there are three general approaches: the cost (or replacement) approach, the comparison approach and the income approach.

In the cost/replacement approach, a determination is made as to what the cost would be to replace (rebuild) your home in today’s market. In the comparison approach, the appraiser determines what comparable properties have sold for in the last six months to one year. This approach directly compares your house to other properties, adding value for special items that your house has, or deducting value for items that your house lacks (in relation to the comparables). Unless your property is commercial or a rental property, the income approach will not apply.

Setting the Price on Your Home

Along with location and condition, the price of a house is a major reason why it does or does not sell quickly. Although the price should not be dealt with lightly, some sellers have a tendency to emphasize it too much, ignoring the home’s condition and ending up with a house that is overpriced for its current condition and the overall market.

Then even if the seller finds an unaware buyer that is willing to pay the high price, when the buyer applies for a mortgage, chances are very good that the lender’s appraisal will force the price back down to market value.

It’s Important to Get the Price Right the First Time

Here at Connor Edwards, LLC, we specialize in providing high quality appraisals that will allow you to set an accurate sell price for your home.

And you can also expect from Connor Edwards, LLC, unmatched customer service. We will answer your questions, provide relevant recommendations, and work with you to resolve any issues that may arise in the quickest, most convenient manner possible.

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